Searching for employees

Business Espoo offers a free service to find suitable employees for the needs of the company.

Job advertisements

You can report a vacancy to the vacancies service of the TE Office or Omnia’s Tiitus job search app. Job advertisements in English receive wide visibility on the Jobs in Finland service.

An employer registered in the Työ service can find suitable employees at Job Market Finland with search criteria without posting a job advertisement. 

Students from universities and universities of applied sciences, including international degree students, can be reached through the universities’ career and recruitment services, many of which use the Jobteaser platform. In addition to job advertisements, universities have a variety of tailored options for employer visibility on campuses.

Pre-selection and presentation of employees

Our experts identify suitable candidates for the position and forward their information directly to the employer as agreed. Business Espoo’s recruitment services involve numerous professionals from different fields looking for a new job.

Recruitment assistance of the City of Espoo

The City of Espoo’s employment services provide companies with an easy way to reach potential employees regardless of the sector. We are actively growing our business network, so please contact us to learn what we can do for your company. We offer

  • free recruitment assistance
  • financial support for recruitment
  • visibility in our recruitment activities.

Find highly trained experts and experienced professionals through the Korko service. The free recruitment service searches for suitable professionals for your company’s needs among highly educated and experienced jobseekers over 30 years of age. Read more

The Competence Centre for Highly Educated Immigrants offers employees from among highly educated international experts living in Espoo. We provide free-of-charge recruitment services, counselling and support. We map employees to the needs of your company and organisation. More information: 
Johanna Liukkonen: 
Jaakko Kopperoinen:

Employment through procurement
Some of the procurement contracts of the City of Espoo contain an employment condition. This condition is met when the company that won the bidding competition offers a job to a job seeker who is young, has an immigrant background or has been unemployed for more than six months. The employment can be carried out as paid employment, with pay subsidy, as an apprenticeship or as an individual solution. The person to be employed can take up any position in the company. Read more about employment through procurement (in Finnish).

Recruitment services of the TE Office

Experts of the TE Office’s recruitment services can help with publishing a job and finding suitable workforce. Recruitment service experts can be reached by e-mail:

For more information, please visit the TE Office website.

Omnia helps companies recruit experts

Omnia helps companies recruit suitable experts. Together, we can train the best professionals needed by the company through various recruiting training sessions and workplace learning carried out as training or apprenticeship.

Omnia’s other services include the Omnia Skills Centre (OSKE) and youth workshops, which can also help companies find the workforce they need. The language-supported employment offered by OSKE increases the linguistic awareness of the employer and the work community, if necessary, and strengthens the employee’s professional Finnish skills.

International recruitment assistance

An international expert can make a significant contribution to the success and growth of a company if they are familiar with the business culture of the target market country. We offer several services for recruiting international experts. We are also part of the national Talent Boost network, which helps with practical matters related to the acquisition of foreign labour.

TE Services can help you with international recruitment

TE Services provide support services (subject to a charge) for companies that recruit from abroad. These services are organised in close cooperation with the Europe-wide EURES network.


EURES (European Employment Services) is a European cooperation network that facilitates recruitment within the EU. EURES advisers act as links between companies and the European job market, helping companies to start recruitment processes. EURES enables employers to encounter job-seekers from other European countries and participate in recruitment events held in Europe, either in person or via an online service. An employer may also be eligible for financial support under the Your first EURES job scheme or the Reactivate 35+ funding programme. 

Work permit

The Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) handles matters related to work permits in the Uusimaa region. The Uusimaa Work Permit Services can be reached by phone, tel. 0295 040 019 Mon–Fri at 9:00–11:00 and by email at

The TE Office will direct clients to Finnish Immigration Service if special experts’ residence permit issues are concerned.

Other international recruitment services

International House Helsinki offers free advice to employers and companies on issues such as international workforce, work-related immigration, recruitment processes and work and residence permits.

Job advertisements in English receive wide visibility on Business Finland’s free Jobs in Finland service. In addition, Business Finland organises recruitment campaigns abroad together with the national Talent Boost network.

The well-being of the family moving with the employee is a key factor in the success of international recruitment. The Hello Espoo website and Facebook group are excellent sources of information regarding entry and settling into Espoo.

The Talent Boost Index is a self-assessment tool for companies that enables them to map their organisation’s ability to recruit international workforce, the transparency of their organisational culture and the readiness of their practices and systems for a diverse work community. The index provides information about the company’s starting level and the services that could support the company on the road to internal internationalisation. More information is available on the website of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.

In the recruitment broadcast of, the employer gets to share a deeper insight into the values and work culture of its organisation and answer the applicants’ questions at once, so that the applicants gain a better understanding of what the company really needs.

Recruitment events

Recruitment events give you the opportunity to make direct contact with job seekers interested in your company’s vacancies and to find employees who meet your company’s needs. Recruitment events can be big events or tailor-made for businesses and are also organised online.

TE Offices organise recruitment events and campaigns (in Finnish), providing employers with an opportunity to tell about their operations and job vacancies.

The Employment Espoo Information Point offers services, such as counselling, recruitment and training events. Information about recruitment events and other services is provided on the Employment Espoo channels. Website:

Student recruitment events

Omnia (the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region) educates skilled workers in various fields. There are many ways to reach Omnia’s recent graduates and future professionals still working on their studies. DuuniOmnia (in Finnish) is a major recruitment event that brings together employees and students from various fields. Companies are also welcome to hold recruitment events on the Omnia campus.