International markets and networks offer companies plenty of business opportunities. We support companies in international recruitment, internationalisation and growth, among other things. If necessary, we can refer you to the legal and financial experts in our network. We offer international networking opportunities, for example, through targeted investor and matchmaking events and digital platforms. 

Business Espoo’s internationalisation services


  • Personal advice
  • Information sessions
  • Advisory services of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) 
    • General international advice
    • Legal advice
    • EU financial advice
    • IPR advice
  • Problems of the EU internal market
  • Advice on international recruitment
  • Development of the commercialisation of innovations
  • Foreign trade documents

Networks and meetings in Finland

  • The city’s international networks to support businesses
  • Communities and networks of international experts
  • Targeted bilateral business networks
  • Tourism networks
  • Digital platforms
  • FinnCham network and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Events and trips abroad

  • International fairs
  • Tourism sales events
  • Matching services

Matching services

  • Targeted investor and matching events
  • Business Contact Database
  • Networking events with international experts
  • Digital platforms