Commercial plots

Vacant commercial plots can be viewed in the Espoo map service.

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The City of Espoo has industrial and warehouse plots available in the industrial area of Juvanmalmi III. Some individual commercial and office plots are also available by the Länsiväylä motorway and in Vanttila, for example. The Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee of the City Board decides on the transfer of commercial plots. Each decision is made on the basis of a pre-negotiated, plot- and company-specific plan for land use on the plot in question.

Vacant plots can be viewed in the Espoo map service.

Principles of plot transfers

Plots are usually rented out under long-term (30-year) mortgageable land lease contracts. The annual rent is 6% of the plot’s current value. The city’s administrative bodies have not made decisions on plot rents or other terms and conditions in advance.

Transfer agreements always include a provision regarding an obligation to construct. As a general principle, 70% of the permitted building volume on the plot must be constructed and ready for use in three years. The plot may not be transferred to a third party if it is unbuilt.

Real estate tax is determined in accordance with the Real Estate Tax Act (654/1992), in which case the lessee does not pay real estate tax for the plot.