Employment services

Advice in lay-offs and redundancies

The TE Office advises and assists companies and employers in situations related to downsizing or laying off their personnel. Services can be tailored to the employer. We also provide information and advice on options of change training and targeted training. The City of Espoo’s employment services also serve in re-employing the redundant personnel.

For more information, please visit the TE Office website.

Transition assistance

Public employment and business services (TE Services) offer free-of-charge counselling for companies that need to let employees go. Counselling can also be organised as a series of information events on the employer’s premises. This includes information about transition assistance, unemployment benefits, job-seeking etc. Read more about transition assistance on the TE Services website (in Finnish).

TäsmäKoulutus Training and 

TäsmäKoulutus Training (targeted training) is tailored training that your current staff can attend when the company's operations or the technology it uses changes. The training helps the entrepreneur or employees update their skills to correspond to the new requirements. It also aims to prevent lay-offs or dismissals. The training can be provided during fixed-term lay-offs or instead of them.

Change Training (MuutosKoulutus) allows companies to take responsibility for the future of their employees when their contract ends or is terminated for production-related or financial reasons. The training is also suitable for times when staff are temporarily laid off and it is not certain if they can go back to work.

Help for recruitment

The City of Espoo’s employment services provide companies with an easy way to reach potential employees regardless of their field. We are actively growing our business collaboration network, so please contact us – let’s see what we can do for your company. We offer free recruitment assistance, financial support for recruitment and visibility in our recruitment events. Contact: tyonantajapalvelut@espoo.fi

Job search services provided by employment services

The City of Espoo’s employment services provide help in your job search. We offer advice on preparing CVs and job applications, finding jobs and updating skills. In addition, we offer individual work rehabilitation services. Our job is to get everyone involved in working life. Check out the job search services on the city’s website.

The Korko service supports the job search of highly educated people over 30 years of age. The service is suitable for jobseekers who want to clarify their own employment goals, acquire new skills in job search or consider alternative career paths. Additional information on the City of Espoo website.