Counselling lawyers

Free initial advice for members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Espoo Enterprises

Do you urgently need reliable information about taxation, employment relationships, contracts or financial management? Would initial advice from an experienced expert help in a difficult decision situation?

Free telephone advice for the members of the Federation of Espoo Enterprises provides diverse advice related to business activities. 

Read more about counselling services for members of the Federation of Espoo Enterprises.
Legal advice service of Suomen Yrittäjät for members.

The document bank for entrepreneurs

You also have access to a document bank with a wide range of document and contract templates available free of charge. The document bank for entrepreneurs includes document templates for the following topics:

  • Sales and rental agreements
  • Family law and inheritance law
  • Procedural and criminal law
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Employment relationships and labour law
  • Debt relations and debt collection
  • Company law and community law

Business advice from the Chamber of Commerce

The member interests of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce include free advice on a company’s legal matters, taxation, financial administration and internationalisation. An information point of the EU’s Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is also located at the Chamber of Commerce. It provides help in becoming established in other countries, looks for business contacts and organises meetings at international fairs.

The Chamber of Commerce provides advice, for example, on

  • employment matters
  • contractual matters
  • VAT and income taxation
  • company law
  • accounting
  • IPR matters
  • export documents
  • issues of internationalisation

Advisers of the Chamber of Commerce and EEN on the website of the Chamber of Commerce.