Competence development services

Does your company have work to do but not enough people to do it? Sometimes there comes a time when there is no longer enough work for everyone or the work changes its shape. Even in these changing situations, we can find a solution together. Omnia can help you get the right skills where they are needed.

Services provided by Omnia for changing situations in a company:

Entrepreneur career guidance

A career counsellor can explore options with you and identify a suitable way to acquire skills for your company’s needs. More information on the Omnia website.

Knowledge services in situations involving a change of ownership

The process of changing ownership may also be supported by completing a degree or part of a degree – the degrees may include development projects in your company. You can prepare your company for sale, or if you are a buyer of a company, you can acquire the skills you need, for example, to support management and supervisory work, strengthen entrepreneurial skills and build a new direction for the purchased company through product and service development.

Examples of suitable degrees to support the transfer of ownership processes include

  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Leadership and Business Management
  • Specialist Vocational Qualification in Product Development and
  • ​Vocational Qualification in Entrepreneurship.

More information on the training options on the Omnia website

Change training

Change training (MuutosKoulutus) is intended for situations where a company has to make its employees redundant for production-related or financial reasons. Through change training, the company can support the opportunities of those who are made redundant to be employed elsewhere or the ability of workers who are laid off to transfer to other positions in the company. The training is tailored to the needs of the students, and its student selections and funding are managed jointly by the employer and the employment and economic development administration. Additional information.

Read more about change training offered by the TE Office.

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The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce organises plenty of training sessions, seminars and webinars related to changing situations in companies. Learn more about the training offered by the Chamber of Commerce.